About us

Music is the only universal language and should be made accessible to all. It is our intention to teach children about all aspects of this vast and diverse subject which should never be limited to one instrument and 8 grades.

We want to share our passion for music and help people achieve an appreciation for it through listening, performing and composing.

Academically, we have entered into an era where exams and assessments are at the forefront of education.

Music is best when it is fun and it has never been more essential to make learning about it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We provide interactive and thought-provoking workshops that encourage discussion, provide enjoyment and leave a lasting impression.

There comes a moment in all of our lives, when we witness an individual doing something remarkable and think “Wow, that’s cool, I want to do that”. Whether they are an artist, athlete, a footballer or musician – we are hit with a wave of admiration and inspiration.

CaSE Music wants to help future musicians realise their potential.

Shakira Edghill - Founder

Shakira Edghill


Shakira is a Cellist and Pianist and has over 20 years’ experience in performing. She is an active member of the Watford Symphony Orchestra and is also one third of a string trio who regularly perform at weddings!

After attending the Watford School of Music for 10 years where she studied Cello, Piano and Theory, she faced a difficult decision aged 18, about what to do with the rest of her life.

She chose to leave music as a hobby and pursue her second love; Film. With a degree in Film Studies, she found herself offering Piano and Cello tuition in the evenings as a way of making extra money after graduating.

Callaine Edghill - Founder

Callaine Edghill


Callaine began learning classical guitar aged 7 and was a long standing member of the Hertfordshire County Guitar Ensemble. He regularly competed in competitions including the Watford Festival, as a soloist and part of an ensemble. At aged 14, he was given an Electric Guitar and went on to teach himself Bass Guitar 2 years later.

He started his teaching career aged 19 with a handful of students at Nascot Wood School. He now teaches at 7 different schools over 5 days and provides private tuition in the evenings making his total student head count over 100!


Shakira and Callaine have decided to pool their talents, knowledge and resources together in order to provide a fully-fledged music service – one which will not just offer private instrumental tuition, but fun and interactive workshops about all aspects of music.